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Aluminum Alloy Fishing Pliers

Aluminum Alloy Fishing Pliers

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Introducing the Fishing Pliers, a versatile and essential tool for anglers of all levels. Crafted with an aluminum handle and stainless steel jaws, these pliers are designed to tackle a variety of fishing tasks with ease.

Key Features:

  • - Lightweight Aluminum Handle: The aluminum handle is lightweight, making it comfortable to use for extended periods. It also features an inset spring that supports braided line cutters, enhancing precision and efficiency.

  • - Automatic Opening: Thanks to the spring-loaded mechanism, the pliers automatically open when loaded, saving you time and effort during fishing activities.

  • - Stainless Steel Jaws: The jaws are made of durable stainless steel and include a small hook at the top, perfect for opening stubborn split rings and assisting in lure repairs.

  • - Multi-Functional Design: In addition to split ring opening, the pliers feature a split lead and single-barrel crimping position, adding versatility to your fishing toolkit.

  • - Super Braided Line Cutters: Unlike traditional pliers, these  Fishing Pliers are equipped with super braided line cutters. This allows for smooth and clean cuts on both braided and mono lines, ensuring precise and efficient line management.

  • - Secure Storage: To prevent loss, the pliers come with a steel wire coiled lanyard and nylon holster. This setup allows you to keep your pliers securely fastened and within easy reach, whether you wear them on your belt or attach them to your fishing bag.

Upgrade your fishing gear with these Fishing Pliers and experience enhanced convenience and functionality on your fishing adventures.

Product information:

Material: Aluminum alloy

Color: blue gray, titanium gray

Function: fish control, hook, guide clip, open loop

Size: 7.8 Inches


Fishing pliers x1

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