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Four Section Fishing Swim Bait

Four Section Fishing Swim Bait

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Introducing our latest fishing swim bait, designed to take your fishing game to the next level! Crafted with precision using hard ABS plastic, this swim bait weighs 32.5g and measures 150mm (approximately 6 inches) in length. Equipped with two sharp treble hooks, it ensures a solid hook-up every time you cast.

Our swim bait is available in a variety of enticing models, each depicted in the pictures, so you can choose the perfect bait for your target species. Its sinking action and full swimming level of 1-2.5m make it ideal for shallow sea water road fishing methods.

Whether you're targeting bass, trout, or other freshwater predators, our swim bait is designed to mimic natural prey and attract even the most cautious fish. Upgrade your fishing experience and reel in your next trophy catch with our versatile and effective swim bait!


Product Information:
Weight: 32.5g
Length: 150mm or roughly 6 inches
Hook: 2 Treble hooks
Material: Hard ABS plastic
Models: Available in a variety of baits, as shown in the pictures
Diving: Sinking, full swimming level,1-2.5m.
Uses: shallow sea water road fishing method.

Packing list:
1- Swim bait which comes equipped with two treble hooks. 

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