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Freshwater/Seawater Tossing Top mouth

Freshwater/Seawater Tossing Top mouth

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Product Information: 

-Weight Variety: Choose from 6g to 18.6g, tailoring your Kingdom Kingart Sinking Minnow to the perfect weight for your fishing conditions.

-Silent FR Design: Experience the silence with the FR Silence feature, ensuring your lure's movement remains undetected by sea bass.

-Versatile Action: Enjoy the good action wobblers, designed to mimic the natural movement of baitfish, enticing a wide range of fish.

-Kingdom Style Aesthetics: The Kingdom Kingart Sinking Minnow's design echoes the Kingdom defined style, making it a must-have for anglers.

-Targeted Sea Bass Catch: Specifically designed for sea bass, these hard baits are ideal for anglers looking to target this prized species.

Product Specs:
Material: ABS engineering plastic
Water-based: Submerged (S)
Use hook shape: Barbarian treble hook/feather single hook

Packing list:

1- Fishing Lure


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