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Top Water rattle lure

Top Water rattle lure

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Experience a groundbreaking shift in saltwater lure design with these series of hard baits. Here's what sets these lures apart:

❍Cutting-Edge Design: Boast a state-of-the-art lurecraft that captures attention with its stunning appearance. These lures are meticulously crafted around familiar and effective body shapes and actions, drawing direct inspiration from nature.

❍Optimized for Saltwater: Pre-tuned for saltwater casting or moderate trolling, these hard baits are engineered to excel in challenging marine environments. They feature incredibly sculpted detail, lifelike prismatic eyes, and ultra-sharp corrosion-resistant hooks, ensuring top-notch performance.

❍Realistic Color Palette: Standing out further are the highly realistic colors used in these lures. In addition to traditional saltwater hues like mackerel, anglers have a range of other forage fish patterns to choose from, including pinfish, mullet, pilchard, sardine, croaker, goggle eye, and more.

❍Affordability: Despite their advanced features and premium quality, these lures remain affordable. Anglers can stock up their tackle box guilt-free, knowing they're investing in high-performance gear without breaking the bank.

❍Get ready for an exceptional fishing experience with this incredible lure. With cutting-edge design, saltwater optimization, realistic colors, and affordability, these lures are set to make your fishing adventures truly great!

Product information :
Material: PVC
Multi Color Variety

Size Information:
Specification: U 150mm/54g

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